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Kino Crating Division specializes in wood crating and boxes. We can design, test, and mold innovative solutions to produce what you need.

Kino Crating Division has vast experience in providing heavy-duty wood crating for the aerospace industry. We can custom engineer and build any shape and size crate to match your unique specifications for overseas crates, military crates and custom military pallets. Plus, we can create die-cut foam packaging, assemblies and sub-assemblies, for medical equipment, trade shows, and more.  And – we can even repair your broken crates.

All your packaging needs — from wood crating to corrugated boxes and more – Tucson Container and Kino Crating provide convenient one stop shopping. Our mission is customer satisfaction. 

More and more countries - such as Mexico - are requiring the HT Stamp indicating ISPM-15 (Heat Treated Program) compliance for wood packaging imported into their borders. All of our lumber is purchased in adherence with the Heat Treated Program (ISPM-15) and is HT Stamped.

What is on the inside?

Inside our wood crating and boxes, you’ll find custom packaging, blocking, and bracing. These critical elements ensure your items arrive safe, damage free, and on time.

Kino Crating works in conjunction with Kino Foam to provide innovative cushioning designs for your range of products. The use and assembly of all types of foam packaging will ensure the protection and safe arrival of your valuable goods.

Submit a quote today for the custom wood crating or repair you need.  Contact us for more information.

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