Kino Custom Foam

Kino's Foam Division can provide complete design and manufacturing of cushioning systems that ensure the safe arrival of your products. Delicate assemblies, electronic goods, glassware and furniture all require cushioning to
ship and travel safely.

Die-cut foams, molded foams, foamed to place, and fabricated designs can all be developed to your specifications.

Even recycled and reusable foam cushioning is available.

Integrating foam cushioning and ESD products with corrugated containers is our specialty.

Corrugated boxes and wood crates designed to combine with your foam needs, helps to reduce the cost of your order.

Designed and manufactured in-house for the quickest turn-around and the highest quality.
  • Internal Foam Cushioning Experts
  • Formed to Precise Tolerances
  • ESD Safe Foams & Styrenes
  • Largest Molded Foam-In-Place Operation in the Market
  • Polyethylenes, Polyurethanes
  • Extruded Foam Profiles and Corners
  • Foam Packaging
  • Wood Crating
  • #1 in Arizona
  • Over 25 Years in Business
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