Expanded Polystyrene Foam (EPS)

  • Expanded Polyethylene Foam (EPS)

EPS, also known as Beadboard, is a rigid plastic foam with a closed cell structure. This makes it an excellent, low cost, foam in place packaging material for applications requiring:

  • Strong protective packaging.
  • Low weight to reduce postage costs or for flotation.
  • Simple package set up to reduce labor costs.
  • Good insulation.

Fabricated EPS is easily fabricated from sheet stock by hot wire cutting, die cutting and heat stamping.  This material is superior for inner packaging for low quantity runs. 

Molded EPS can be used cost-effectively for complete protective containers, displays, cushioning inserts, single-use disposable items and structural components. EPS can be molded to protect items with simple or complex shapes in an attractive, snug-fitting foam packaging system.

Physical Properties of Expanded Polystyrene (EPS) Properly designed EPS packages can result in cost-effective shipping protection. EPS foam packaging inserts protect against breakage for items capable of withstanding 25 Gs of shock and above. 

High Strength-To-Weight Ratio Although lightweight, EPS is a tough material with surprising strength properties. EPS meets the rough handling portion of Military Specifications of MIL-P-19644.  It is one of the lowest cost packaging choices, especially for high production products. 

Low Thermal Conductivity An excellent thermal barrier, EPS exhibits little change in internal temperature when exposed to prolonged sunlight or over-heated storage rooms. 

Moisture Resistance EPS foam packaging inserts have low water absorption and vapor transmission rates, and protect products sensitive to humidity changes. 

Neutral pH, Chemical Inertness The chemical neutrality of EPS means expensive film barriers for corrosion-sensitive items such as plated electron tubes are not needed. The material will not support bacterial growth nor will fungus attack it.

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