Static Shield Bags
[Static Shield Bags]

  • Static Shield

These metallic bags with 4 layers of protection prevent incoming static charges from damaging ESD sensitive products

Semi transparent electro-static protective, burned metal, heat-sealable, flexible structure, offering excellent electrostatic shielding properties.

It is usually converted into sheeting, tubing, 2-seal pouches, and square bottom pouches.

Standard Static Shield Stock Bag sizes:
3x4  3x5  4x6  4x8  5x7  5x8  6x8  6x10  7x15  8x10  8x16  9x12  10x12  10x16  10x18
12x12  12z18  12x26  14x18  15x20  16x18  16x24  18z24  20x24  24x30

Zippered - Standard Static Shield Stock Bag sizes:
3x4   3x5   4x6 6x8  8x10  10x12  12x16  14x18

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