Loosefill (Peanuts)
[Loosefill (Peanuts)]

  • Loosefill (Peanuts)

Pelespan Pac Expanded Polystyrene Loose Fill Cushioning,
is the number one loose fill in packaging.

The solid ”S” shape insures interlocking, superior cushioning and less settling than other loosefills.

Pelespan Pac Green Cross

Pelespan Pac Green Cross Polystyrene loose fill is made from recycled, low cost polystyrene and can be reused to preserve landfill space. Ideal for blocking and bracing.

Kino’s best-selling peanuts have the following advantages:

  • Void Fill: Surrounds entire product for total protection of your 
  • Interlocking: Peanuts interlock firmly and prevent “settling”
  • Lightweight: Warehouse favorite for ease of use 
  • Low Cost: 20 cubic ft. bag assures product and labor costs are kept to a minimum.
  • We sell White (regular), Pink (“Anti-static”), Bio (100% recycled)

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