Centerfold Film, single wound
[Centerfold, single wound]

  • Centerfold, single wound

Recommended for packaging applications where maximum visibility and durable wrapping are required.

Strong seals and an excellent shrink appearance are obtained with ease.
Shrink & Seal Properties • Strong Seals, for both Impulse & Electrostatic.

  • Does not leave deposits on sealing wires.
  • Easily controlled Shrink Force.
  • Wide Shrink Temperature Range.
  • Polyolefin Film complies with the requirements and regulations which state that materials may be safely used in food contact and non-food applications. Safety & Environment Polyolefin Films contain no CFC’s or any residues of the heavy metals Sb, Cr, As, Pb, Ba, Cd, Ag, Se.
The gas generated during sealing of these films is comprised of hydrocarbon derivatives of the pure raw material and contains no harmful substances, irritants or chlorine derivatives.
Polyolefin Film should be stored in a cool, dry environment. Maximum storage temperature: 25°C/77°F.

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