Bubble Wrap
[Bubble Wrap]

  • Bubble Wrap
  • 3/16” Superb interleaving, intimate wrapping and surface protection. Cushioning of irregularly shaped items. protect china, glassware, electronic components and spare parts.
  • 5/16” For semi-rugged products such as small appliances, electric heaters, and ceramics.
  • 1/2” For lightweight fragile and medium weight items such as scientific glassware and electronic instruments. Ideal for void fill.
  • 1/2” For heavier and multiple components Heavy packed in a large carton, such as power supply units and industrial valves. Available in A/S.
  • Shock absorbing
  • Cushioning
  • 3/16 or large 5/16 bubble for extra cushioning
  • Strong with heavy duty nylon barrier
  • Various Roll sizes

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